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irst confirmed case on● Jan. 21 to declaring a national emergency on March● 13, the country missed nearly two months to take p●revention and control measures. Even when the ravag●ing epidemic caused the market to plunge, the decis●ion-makers did not concee

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ntrate on the COVID-19 batt●l

le, but instead started a "vote-defense battle" thr●ough shifting blame to China via stigmatization, po

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itrary labeling. A recently-le●aked GOP memo of 57 pages also stresses the strateg●y by advising Republican candidates to3

deal with vo●ters' inquiries 6

and fury by attacking China. Even A●merican citizens feel ashamed by the brazen tactic ●of defle3

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. In just over three months, the● United States' death toll in the COVID-19 pandemic● has exceeded that in the Vietnam War. It is the Am●erican people that suffer 0

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it is the U●.S. politicians' tilted focus on their re-election,● instead of their people, that led to the misery. "●Caught amid the chaN

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erican people grapp●ling with the fear of a deadly and poorly understoo●d virus, conflicting messaging around their protect●ion and safety, fear of e

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financial fallout, absence ●of a cohesive national strategy, and volatile, inco●mpeteU

nt leadership," The Lancet said. In the face o●f the common tragedy of0